Saturday, November 20, 2004

First post to the first blog

I can't believe this was never done before. I had this idea sitting at my desk on a cloudy, grey Saturday morning, in a dark office in which I have been stuck for the past 4 hours and will continue for another 8. The idea was one I had a while ago. I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I could make up a site where I could just drop articles or posts about Nerf, but the plan fell through for the fact that I hate making websites. I did it in high school, I hope to never do it ever again. Though as I sat here, I was thinking how much I hate seeing peoples queer, touchy feely bullshit xanga's and livejournals, where they pour their soul out about ridiculous nonscene (that is if you can actually read it, due to the font size, colors, and backgrounds that tend to perfectly camo themselves into a mass mind fuck of stupid) and how much they hate their parents. Not to mention they never have anything interesting to say.

So at first I thought, what if I make a blog with just my random bullshit as a complete joke. Well, I decided that was a little to "metro sexual" for my taste. Then I remembered my nerf article site idea. Bingo bitches! Nerfblog!

The reason I've gone out of my way to do this is because as stands, I'm probably one of the most outspoken about how I feel about Nerf, tactics, modifications and other mindless nonscene that comes along with pelting teenagers with finely tuned instruments of death. Soft, safe, fun my ass! Alas, I am an administrator at and if I were to say exactly what was on my mind on those boards, it wouldn't be pretty.

So this is what you can expect. First off, updates, I have a job, go to school, take care of a house (poorly), and am forced to deal with a member of the opposite sex that demands my attention be that above a squeaks and whistles. I also own Halo 2. So I'll update when I feel like it. Second, content, you can expect any thoughts I might have. I thought for a while to post these on NHQ from time to time, but the site isn't my personal blog (paradox), and I would never treat it as such (cough, Rags, cough). I hope you check back, I may post when I update in a thread on NHQ, because I'd really like for people to read what I have to say on this thing.

There you have it, another contribution via your friendly neighborhood Viking Terrorist.



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