Saturday, November 20, 2004

First Article (I have to much time): Kicking it old school.

Goofy article to be my first thought provoking rants, but it's been on my mind recently and I haven't had a chance really to sit down and put all my thoughts together. Lately, I've been doing a little bit of yearning for the old days. I used to nerf completely unmodified, and then stopped for a couple of years, only to come back and find (already dead) and then It really was amazing to see that people actually enjoyed this game, and the fact that guns could be modified to shoot even better was so exciting, that I could hardly contain myself (or my bladder). I then found that only 2 hours away was going to be a major nerfing event, Apoc 2k3. I was onboard and showed up with my newly modified Eagle Eye, and spent the entire day kicking back with OMC's 1500. I love modified nerf, but more and more, I really wish I could go back to unmodified weapons, because I feel it's greatly important to the skill and development of a player, as well as a hell of a lot of fun.

With the release of fully auto and semi auto weapons (which I returned to), I imagine that modified nerf has changed significantly. The closest thing we had was the ballzooka, which at that time was the juggernaught of the game. It wasn't an easy weapon to wield, but it was fruitfully if you could actually get your team to cover you and get the guys with the long range lamari guns to take out a few key players and certain gun toaters. A sound strategy was to get as many single firing long shooters as you could (such weapons we had included the SM500, or the version we had was the supertech, SharpShooter, dollar store guns that shot those little rubber bullets and the BnA), and then use your ballzooka carrier (or heavy weapons as we called him) and constantly be doing what we called, shoot and swipe. What we would do when attacking the enemy is literally run in a staggered line. The first person would run in, take a shot and jump or slide out of the way as fast as he could dodging enemy fire, the next guy doing the same thing and so forth. Mostly we had 4 man teams, so you had three guys with single shots (or double shots as in the case of the SS1, which would allow for a second shot from the players dodged position) and charging up the rear (homoerotically enough, my favorite position) was your ballzooka carrier. You'd get off three good shots, maybe a snuck shot from the side, and then a dude with rapid fire laying the bitch smacking final blow to the team. Your attackee's would almost always scatter for cover, or at least have taken a few shots and be reloading, give you more then proper surprise time to take the enemy out. What you don't get, your teammates should then be able to mop up with their by now reloaded weapons.

what's the difference between unmodded and modded nerf? The requirement of teamwork and tactics. Too often we make hell cannons that we use as crutches to make up for our poor aim or communication skills. Also, with unmodded, if you got a group of guys that really liked to play together and were close by, you could strike up a game at any given point. The downfall of course was weak weapons and expensive ammo, which always seemed to linger on the heads of players.

I think when we nerf, we should find a balance between these things. I mean, if you like to mod, so be it. I guess I have to accept some nerfers only tag that name onto themselves because they make a nerf gun able to kill a small animal. What would be nice if we could use some kind of common sense to keep that "old school" mentality, but also be able to use homemade ammo and be able to sustain a shot from a reasonable distance.

I've got so far off on a tangent with this it's not even funny, but I'll quickly get to the point. What I've decided to do is literally, kick it old school. Next Saturday, a week from today is the LCM Thanksgiving war. I have recently acquired a new crossbow for outrageously cheap on Ebay, like a lot of people (even though it would be cheaper if it weren't for my new arch enemy and eternal fag Nerf Special Forces (man it feels good to say that...I'm not on NHQ, do something)), and instead of pimping it out beyond belief, I've decided to not replace the barrel. I've relocated it to the front of the gun, re-enforced the plunger and will be doing some spring work, perhaps a barrel extention, but I will not replace it. I will be also toating two (hopefully. I've seemed to have misplaced one) LnL's with the same deal. Banding, spring stretch, stock barrel. This means I have to use mega's, which I don't mind, but I'm sure some of you newer distance/velocity monkeys are having a field day laughing about how much I'm going to suck.

Actually your right, I'm going to get owned. I mean, absolutely 9wn3D. The idea here is not that I'll have a superior weapon, or that I think this variant of the crossbow is any more powerful or will be any more successful then another mod, it's simply because I want to take the attention off of shooting. I want to interact with my team, maneuver and try to find a delicate balance of my game. It's also to get back the feeling I used to have. Breach loading is a drag, and brass is to small to jam a dart down, and as much as I like ballpoint ramrods, it doesn't feel like nerf to me. Jam a dart in, pull back the plunger, squeeze off a round and do it all over. At one point I was so quick at this, that in unmodded I could get a second shot off before some of the newer players got off their first. Breach loading takes forever. It may shoot better, but if you miss, your screwed. Now you could go with the A2k (which I have been recently), but that is, in all senses of the word, a cheap, bitchy weapon. I don't doubt it's potency in a battle, but lord almighty, there's nothing really impressive about getting hit by a dude toating a Airtech.

It's the same idea behind playing pump paintball. Sure, there are better guns out there that shoot like crazy, but the pump guys play to improve skill and be able to shut up the loud mouth with the auto cocker. That's what I want to do. How embarrassing or impressive would it be for a dude to be able to silence the idiot with the A2k, with a stock barreled crossbow? How bout being able to properly lead and land a 45 foot head shot? This all requires skill and patients. Now I know I'm going to get shot and be outgunned 90% of the time, but that's not the point. This is a game, and I want to learn how to be a good sportsmen. I plan on taking my hits like a man, not arguing hits, and not getting upset if I get eliminated in the first 5 minutes of battle. I won't try to justify why I got taken out in the first five minutes of battle, or listen to the trash being talked by those who have uber firing weapons. Wow, you took down a dude with a barely modified crossbow with your brassed single barreled 1500, congratulations!

So what's the satisfaction I'm looking for? Getting a solid couple hits off, and maybe learning some new maneuvering techniques, and brushing up my game, while getting the satisfaction of doing so with a "obsolete" weapon. Call me crazy, because I am. I extend my hand to all of you out there who play regular to give the same thing a try. It can only improve you game. Join me in the revolution and kick it old school.



Blogger Langley said...

Wouldn't it make more sense to just use a nice PVC modded pistol with a bungiee on it? Ultimately you would get the same range, and you could keep muzzle loading advantage. And you could do whatever you want to the crossbow.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Talio said...

Yes, ultimately you could, but whats the point? The stock barrel on the LNL is just as good, if not better then PVC for mega's. Also, the two guns like the same kind of darts. The problem with PVC is that even though it's still breach loaded, there is a level of twisting and jamming the dart in, giving you those frustrating moments when you're being hunted by Vacc. I'll show you the gun next week if you show, but when it comes down to it, you may be sacrificing a little range and accuracy, but your gaining a easily reloaded weapon. There's just no point to changing the barrel out unless you use pvc on your primary and what it to fire the same kind of darts.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Langley said...

You misunderstand. I was trying to say that from everything I've seen with my completely unmodded crossbow, you could use JUST a PVC modded pistol as your PRIMARY and get the same results. I'm not trashing the Ln'L's stock barrell, I'm saying with the 'Level 2' crossbow mod, you may as well use a PVC nightfinder for your primary.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Talio said...


" I've decided to not replace the barrel. I've relocated it to the front of the gun"

11:36 PM  
Blogger Langley said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Langley said...

Aherm, hemhem....:cough:
"I'm saying with the 'Level 2' crossbow mod, you may as well use a PVC nightfinder for your primary."

Instead of us just quoting ourselves back and forth, why don't you just say weather or not your crossbow is in fact comparable in range to a pvc modded Nightfinder, and if it is about the same in range, what benefits does it have over a pvc modded nightfinder. Obviously I could be totally wrong and the crossbow could kick the nightfinders ass in range. I'm going on the assumption that the bow is modded like this:

1:09 AM  
Blogger Talio said...

Phil, you have inspired my next article.

9:28 AM  

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