Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ugh....need to clarify.

I want to make sure somethings clear cause I realize after reading this again that my style is somewhat belligerent. To the guys that made these comments, I'm not saying anything your doing is right or wrong. This isn't meant to be an inquisition and my goal is not to "convert" the community into my own state of mind. Remember that I'm one dude, and this is my point of view. Everything here is based off of thoughts I have at one time had, or conversations that I feel should be brought into the public light. The old school thing is here for the moment because it's my goal for next week and something I'm currently working on and thinking about. I also think by explaining and writing more about it, I can hopefully show a community that while we do have advancements in our modding capabilities, there will come a point when Nerf resembles nothing of the former game. I'm trying to protect that and hopefully inspire some people to lighten up.

On a personal note, after reading it, I realize that I may have been particially rough of Groove. To clarify, I'm not saying he shouldn't have cut his bow, or that he shouldn't have made Guru. I liked Guru and was sad that I never got a chance to play against it. I was merely addressing every question, comment and discussion I had about my former articles. I hope that no one who was quoted, or who took place in these discussions will be upset because I was merely bringing my point of view and yours to the public.

Understand that I don't expect anyone else to try this out, but I would hope that maybe it would be a side thing people would give a try one round and maybe find some new skills they never knew they had. That and it's a big part of reliving my childhood.


Spelling sucked...don't feel like proof reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Talio..

I enjoyed every one of your posts on your blog regarding "old-school" Nerf.

Unfortunately, the fun of running around (notice I mention that first, running around instead of plopping one's butt on the ground somewhere and calling themselves a "sniper") and enjoying the aspects of unmodified Nerf weapons, has been somewhat diffused by what I observe are two factors, of which I'll probably rant about in my own blog (my Xanga or here);

1) Online Nerf forum boards. It seems that some decide to use the boards not to disseminate Nerf information and advice, but to boast about how powerful, how big, or how many guns are stuck on to one weapon. This kind of dick-waving turns the tide toward the new users to obsess on making only powerful weapons, generally too strong to really enjoy at close range. I like my weapons relatively powerful only because the people I used to nerf with needed some kind of positive feedback when they get hit, so they KNOW they got hit. There was honor there also, so the pain was primarily an incentive NOT to get hit.

Now I primarily play with kids, so my emphasis shifted primarily back to an element of safety, combined with somewhat extended range (and the ability to use cheap ammo). My nephew shot me in the hand with a modified Expand-a-Blast (that I modded) at about 25 feet, and I really FELT it. Yeah, reduction in effective range may mean more moving around, but I think that's the spirit of old-school nerfing anyway.

2) This obsession with video gaming, and trying to vicariously live it out in their Nerf wars, is absolutely ridiculous. All I hear is how one blaster does or doesn't look like the HALO gun, or wanting their Titans to shoot 200 feet, like a HALO sniper rifle, it just peeves me to death.

I really believe that a lot of the posters on the forum boards spend more time in front of their TV's and XBoxes than they do out in the yard shooting it up. The claims they make on the forum boards are retarded at best, irritating at worst. Nerf blasters are not meant to shoot 200 feet straight line, 300 rounds per minute, or blow craters into the ground and kill everything in sight. All that military crap just irritates the hell out of me, especially at a time when young men and women are going out and experiencing the real thing, and real death.

Nerf is a game. A game to be enjoyed, like you've said numerous times, like tag with a twist. Anything more is just butt wipeage.

And don't ever apologize for your comments...this is your page, and you say whatever you must; isn't that the reason you blogged in the first place? And GrOOvE, and the others, are probably mature enough to handle some constructive criticisms and peeves that you may have. Groove does some fantastic work on his blasters, whether integrations, or art.

Just my two pesos.

-Anonymous Pineapple-

1:54 PM  
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