Thursday, November 25, 2004

New topic, venting....The worse nerfer alive!

I should go ahead and apologize about this, but really I'm just so upset about this dude, that I have to say something. Normally I'd just bash him on NHQ untill he leaves, but it seems that my place in the community as the resident idiot executioner has gone the way of drive in movies and disciplining your children. So Nerf Special Forces, we pour one out for you hommie. You are what I consider to be the biggest fucktard in the entire community.

Justification lies solely in the fact that he contacted a seller on Ebay, who was originally offering a wealth of NIB Crossbows at 25 bucks, that her price was too low and she doubled the price. I considered banning him from NHQ for this, and urging CX to do it as well. If there is one act that deserves banishment from everything foam, it's what he's done to the community. Do you realize that the Crossbow stands as the best spring weapon ever made? Do you also realize that most new players die for a chance to own one, and rightfully so. I truely believe that this is the weapon that brings a nerfers skills to their prime. What makes a crossbow great for nerfers is that fact that it's so easily modable and fixable. We run these guns into the ground, but no matter how much you screw up your bow, everything is fixable...everything. I've seen crossbows with extra screws all over the place, and it still works. Damn thing still shoots, and well. Not to mention it takes alot of really need to keep up with it's maintence or it will go to shit, that is untill you fix it. It teaches such responsibilty.

So new nerfers, who don't have the 50 - 150 bucks to shell out for one of these things are given the chance to pick one up at 25 bucks. Do you know what that means? Every dude who gets their hands on one of those things and mods it, wants to use it. Trust me, when I got my first and modded it, I wanted to get on the field asap. That means that allowing the gun to almost be an unofficial re-release, had the potential to completely revitalize the community and create a new Renosaunce in the game. There could have been tons of new players, all being able to compete with a solid primary to fall back on. Thats the number one complaint I hear from new guys, they just don't have anything to use. Yeah there are alot of good guns out, but every nerfer really needs a realiable gun, even more so if your a new player, to go back to if your other projects turn to shit. NSF robbed alot of kids of that. Flat out robbed.

30 bows, 25 a pop. Thats 30 players given an opportunity no one else was given, and this douche bag robbed it from them. Let me ask you a question on a more personal scale. What the fuck where you thinking? Now I'm not going to turn this blog into a bash fest where I rant about people I don't like on the boards. I save that for the privacy of my own mail box. This case however is completely different. NSF backstabbed the community, and robbed a bunch of dudes of a great opportunity.

So I charge the leaders of the community (although I will not do so myself, so see the irony) lets just cut this guys hands off, ban him perminently from both major sites and wash our hands of him. Or at least lets let everyone know that this guy is a complete moron. I apologize to you NSF. It's unfair for me to be saying all of this, and I'm a complete douche for doing so. Unfortunetly, I'm just saying what many others have said to me, only I've created the forum to say it. I hope someday you can really clean up your act...untill then, just stop talking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, just so you know, I had a nerf blog 2-3 years ago so that pretty much makes you second :).

Secondly I like most of you posts but this seems kind of gay. I'm sure if you knew nothing about nerf, then you would love it, if some kid told you you could make double the money.

Also, there are many other "reliable" guns available, the maxshot, ntrike,and blast bazooka, just to name a few. That really does, make you sound like a "N00B" "0/\/\6 1 /\/33|) @ 7-|30\/\/ for super cheap omgzorssszzzzzz!!!11!!!!" The fun of nerf, is finding ways to make guns better. not just using 10 minutes making a super weapon besides, I've had my maxshot, and was one of the first to get one, and it still works perfectly. The x-bow isn't the only good nerf gun, learn more about and stop sounding like such a newB.

Nerf on, or Fuck off.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Talio said...

Fuck off.

First off, my fucking blog, you don't like it, don't read it. Second off, mines the first, unless you can show proof, fuck you. Not to mention, if you do show proof, I'm going to keep this as the first, because thats the kind of guy I am. I'm the Viking Terrorist bitch, deal with it.

As far as bashing NSF, sure there are other guns out there, but coming from you, it surely sounds like you don't know jack shit about the crossbow. Slap the money down, realize for PLAYERS (who really don't give a shit about modding, but rather they like to actually get outside and putting a fucking dart in someones forehead) the crossbow still remains to be the most reliable and longest lasting spring gun made. Most of these guns are coming up on being 10 years old and they still kick ass.

So, the one reason I made a blog is for dick blotting retards like you to get a simple shut the fuck up and thats all you get. I don't have to worry about 19 guys posting stupid shit, because I'll just turn the comments off if I want to.

So with that said....Shut the fuck up, I'm the Viking Terrorist, I'll eat your fucking flesh, shit out your soul, and play the bongo's with your bones...retard.

Unless your Vacc, in that case I love you honey.


3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, I will never dish out 50 bucks for a crossbow, i dont have that money in a year, i get no allowence.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cock sucking fucktard, grow a dick. Crossbows kick ass, and im sure this is a hell of a better blog than yours. Bitch.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To ^ person: You have some SERIOUS anger issues. Just take a moment to chill. And don't be an arse just because he doesn't choose (or just flat out can't afford) a crossbow. Too many are obsessing about the crossbow. I mean, just say the word crossbow on a nerf forum (or blog for that matter) and people will go all, "I <3 teh crossbow! It roxxorz ur soxxorz!" . Ok, I feel better now. Good rant Tal.


12:00 AM  
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