Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Thanksgiving war damage report - Old school like a mother

So last Saturday was the NJ spring war, and besides a few snags here and there, coupled with the laziness that always seems to surround one or two members of the LCM, I had a really good time. Evil did a pretty good job putting together this thing, and ran it well. Thanks to him and the LCM for showing up.

As usually, the day was pretty much a pistolfest. The LCM seem to really be in love with these things, and while I do enjoy them, one more and I would have been begging for the day to end. It's more of a personal thing, I worked hard on my primary for this war, and we ended up doing only about half the day with primaries. I didn't really bitch about it, because the way I see it, it's their war, and I have no right to tell them how to run it. I have to face facts where if I ever get to a war where we run things differently, it's either on the Horsemen's field (which I throughly enjoy) or I'm running it (which I don't enjoy as much). All in All the parks open area's were actually set up pretty well for pistols...but anywhere they wanted to play primaries looked like Vietnam in the fall. I ended up using paintball tactics most of the day. Again, not saying any of this in spite...just not the way I like to do things.

None the less I had a good time. I ended up buying a pack of zero's from Hersh who is a dart pumping machine. All the LCM guys buy those things up cause it means they don't have to take two hours out of thier busy schedules and do something that might make their war run better. So the reason I bought the zero's is because people aren't very honest about whose darts they have at the Ocean County foam fests, and I used them as barder to get back my darts that would actually fire out of my guns.

Even after all this, my opinion of the LCM grew for some and lessened for others. One I will point out is that for the first time I got along with Mantis all day long. I found out that as long as I'm a little more relaxed and not running things (because that just naturally makes me more annoyed), he's a good guy. I never thought poorly of him, we just rubbed each other the wrong way.

I do want to say one thing though I very much disagree with. Arguements. First off, their fucking stupid. Second of all, if your going to argue and get shot while your argueing, shut the fuck up and take it like a man. I really hate this "time out" thing where if something does go in a players way, he can just stop and expect not to get hit. Well, guess what? It doesn't really work that way...I've argued and been hit, and I wasn't a whinny ass about it, I took the hit and moved on with my life.

Now for the good shit that happened. First off, I was digging the old school feel. I was scoffed at many times, but did better with it then I did with the old crossbow. The only times I flat out missed I deserved to, and the other times were miss fires from shitty darts. The crossbow performed well, and my LNL did even better.

We did a siege round that wasn't bad, except we got cut short, and it seemed like the guys on the playground were getting taken down quick due to the massive wooden fence surrounding it, so next time, we might need to refine the rules a bit. No cops showed which was a miricale considering how many people were around.

All in all, old school was a sucess, and I urge more of you to give it a shot. Sooner or later I'll post pictures of my guns and some stuff I did to them. In the mean time, remember to keep it tuned here, to the first and original Nerf Blog. I'm looking to get some new writers on our staff and possibly some new artwork.



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