Friday, December 03, 2004

Playa's they play, and hustla's they hustle.

So with the coming of the holiday season, and a lot of really bad ass stuff in stores that are nerf related I wanted to take this opportunity to charge the community with a goal. What I want to see before then end of the month for everyone in some way, no matter how big or how small, find a way to nerf, if even for just an hour.

Lets face it people, Nerf might not be dying, but the general groups of guys who still play are falling significantly, day by day. I'm not saying you have to host Armageddon, or host anything, I'm just telling you to get a couple of nitefinders, set some rules, and shoot each other. There's a reason we spend these god awful ammounts of time making nerf guns, and while again, I have to accept that there is a group of people who label themselves nerfers because they put some plumbing supplies on their guns, it's no reason why we can't take these things we work so hard on, get one or two buddies together and actually play.

I know it's cold, suck it up pussies. Cold weather is better and you'll feel good putting the xbox controller down for a half hour to get some fresh air. I know everyone is cramped for time around the holidays, but all you have to do, is pick up a gun and shoot a buddy with it, and have him shoot back at you. Have a good time with it. There's lots of cool stuff in the stores right now, and I have to give some personal publicity to my hommie Jangadance for making this nuggest of gold.

So lets see some of you ask for this stuff for christmas, and before you even touch the internals or a screw driver, just dick around and shoot your buddy. If he has a good time, mod them, and shoot each other some more. Regaurdless, I leave you with the words of Vaccanelli himself....




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