Sunday, December 05, 2004

No girls aloud!....wait.

Alright guys, I asked Karma to write this up after having a little discussion with my good friend Groove, so I have to give him mad props for thinking up the idea. The idea is how interesting would it be to get some honest thoughts about what it's like to be a female nerfer. They are few and far between, but none has had the resilance as BK, and I'd love to see her to be one of the first perminent members on this blog. So let me stop and let her use her own words.

" As most of you know I’m the only hardcore female nerfer in the nerfing community. With that come advantages and disadvantages. When I had first heard about nerf from Suave, I thought he was joking. Until one day when Suave and JC finally got me to nerf. What can I say, I liked it, I liked it a lot. The ability to shoot your friends and them be ok with it was a blessing from god. Not only that, but I also really loved the fact that I could make my own ammo, build my own guns, and put a little personality and touch in every gun that I modded. As for me being the only girl so far, that’s not unusual for me. It isn’t easy I’ll tell you that.
When I first started out nerfing it was just with the people here in Alabama, so I didn’t feel quite as much of the sexiest tension like I felt when I came to NHQ. I honestly wanted to get involved in the community, but I also knew that it would hard, with me being a girl, to get the respect that I wanted. I remember when people started finding out that I was a girl. I didn’t want to rub it in anyone’s face, but I also wanted people to know that,"Hey, I’m a girl and I can be taken seriously as well." Unfortunately, I stayed in the "off topic" where I was more comfortable. At that point I still didn’t know a lot about modding and homemades, so I would go, read, learn, and apply what I had learned quietly. Because I didn’t state what I had leaned to the community, I at first came across as a dizzy, dumb, female who was interested because there where a bunch of guys. That just naturally came with the fact that everyone found out that I was a girl…because no girl had ever attempted to nerf and be as good or BETTER then the boys. I wanted to change all of that. So, I finally came out of my shell a little, but that came with a price.
Some of you guys have PMed or AIMed me asking me why I haven’t posted a picture of myself. Here is why. In the first yearbook, JC had posted a picture of me, with my consent. Well, ATB had taken that picture and photoshoped some sexual jokes on my t-shirt. I was taken back; here I had thought that I had some respect established. Finally taking me somewhat seriously…and that is what they really thought about me…a “nerf bunny”, like one of those girls you see in the paintball magazines that are hardly wearing any cloths and have probably never gotten shot before. I didn’t want to be like that. I didn’t want to be the “Poster Girl” of nerf. I just wanted to Nerf, and be thought of as a Nerfer, not a “Nerf Poster Girl”.
After everything was taken care of, he apologized and we had moved on. I started taking a more serious roll. Engaging in more intelligent and intellectual topics. Showing the smarter, more mature side to me. Also, at this time, I personally had had some major growth in maturity. So I scored points with the older crowed with my endless yearning for knowledge; And for my patience and ability to close arguments. Well, some just like the fact that I could “own” people, haha.
So everything in little BK’s world was ok, right? WRONG! Once again, the male race proved how much of a horny ass it could be. When a dude by the name of Forgotten Hero had come back to the forums after being banned for reason that aren’t important right now. Got my cell number and called me. That wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that he had made some bad sexual remarks about me in his sig. on NHQ. The only people to this day who know what he had said were Talio and Spanky. They said that they would not tell me what it was for my sake. So I left it at that, and a big thanks to Talio and Spanky for looking out for me.
Ok, I’ve explained that not only have I had to put up with the fact that guys are jerks, but I haven’t explained the hardship of having to prove myself, a girl, in game dominated by boys. So there was an added pressure. I felt like I was being watched closely, not because the guys where perverts, but because some felt that I wouldn’t be able to take the game as serious as the guys that I would somehow change it. Well I hope that I have proved them wrong, because the last thing I wanted was to be seen as doing is “sexing up nerf”. I hope that most of you by now have realized that I’m not into nerf because my boyfriend plays, or I wanted to get some hot guys…But that I truly love the game and that I just want to be part of the community. And get the respect I have worked hard for.
I know that there have been some other females that have come onto the board. But they haven’t stayed long. And they won’t, because most girls only do what the guys do for the guys. I do what guys do because I like to do what the guys do. So if you are hoping that I’ll leave and everything will get back the “All boy Club”…Better think again, Because BK’s not going anywhere. This may surprise some of you, but I love nerf, I love the Old School ways of nerf. And I appreciate those who have taught me the ways of this great game.
Nerf On my fellow Nerfers, Nerf On."

-Bad Karma, Dec. 2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would just like to say I liked the article.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really good article BK. I apologize for the collective shortcomings of the male species.
<(quote)or I wanted to get some hot guys -- haha, good luck there. We're pretty much all nerds


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