Sunday, February 20, 2005

Here comes the clue train, next stop is you.

So it seems I have a little competition from one of my statements that was abundantly important to the entire article. So because of that, I need to lay down some good ole reality on Janga. I'd hate to do this to you Janga, but you're calling me out on my own blog. You act like I don't actually think this shit out. Anyway, a couple of point were made so my thesus is basically that Janga is wrong and has no clue what he's talking about.

"The Max Shot may have more pieces in general, but it has about the same number of moving ones... Plunger, check. Trigger, check. Catch, check; and I wouldn't know about the safety because I disabled that in mine. The only difference is that the handle is attached to the plunger in the Xbow. On the Max Shot, the handle rolls along the plunger. This piece is indeed known to breaking, but only about as often as I've heard of Xbow plunger rods breaking."

First off, you disabled the safety, so that takes away about 3 moving parts right off the bat, and right off the bat, it's more complicated and has more parts that have the potential of breaking. So you disable the safety from this to happen, great. You've still got two more moving parts that can break, and they do on a regular basis, well then if you took that time to dsable the safety, you can take the time to re-enforce your plunger rod. So now we've got a Maxshot with the safety disabled (and note that if you fire it with the arm up, you're gun is ruined, don't believe me try it. Warning about that, remember they're not in stores anymore and the gun will be broken pretty bad.) and we have a Crossbow with a re-enforced plunger head. Your's is known to break, but a re-enforced plunger head never breaks. Wierd, seems that your arguement really didn't take into consideration actual reality of the situation.

"And if your counterpoint is that the word is "dead" not "broken" Xbows vs Max Shots, remember that plunger breaks are a pain in the ass to fix, and all you need to do to bypass the handle on the Max Shot is attach a string. I've done this, and a few other Nerfers have as well."

Yeah, and I'll tell you, it's a pain in the ass and a tough as hell pull on that string. Also, since when is a plunger break a pain in the ass to fix? If the top part where the plunger attaches breaks, just srew from the top down, or you could use wall mount screws to take of it. If it's a break mid way, then all you need are some rods and epoxy to hold it togehter. Hold on...did we already do that. Oh right, it takes the same ammount of work to enforce your plunger as it does to disable the safety I almost forgot. So again, there is no broken plunger, whats the problem?

"And as far as the NF vs LnL simplicity, that seems like even more of a stretch. You've got the exact same mechanisms working there. Strip out the electronics and the air restriction and the only difference is the size of the LnL plunger tube."

Hmm, lets see. Same exact system, except one has some more electronics and air restriction. So they're pretty much the same gun, but one is just slightly more complexed then the other. You know, If I think real hard I think I remember someone else who made that point.

" I would put the LNL slightly above the Nitefinder, but only because again, of simplicity."

Oh yeah, that was me. I almost forgot. Way to call my opinion a stretch and then state the exact same thing retard!

"I respect the message you're trying to send, and I agree with it to some extent. For instance, I can't stand the Ballzooka since all of mine have broken. My other ball blasters are working fine. Anyways, great topic Talio."

Now, I need to clarify and move on with this post, becuase there is a larger point that needs to be made. Janga and I are friends, but we go through this alot. I try not to critize Janga, but for his place in the community, he doesn't play nearly enough. I'm not saying he needs to have 20 man wars with super modified weapons, I'm saying he should get out and play more then a few times a year, especially when you take into effect that the way he normally plays, which while is fun, is also outragously convienent.

Thats what it comes down to folks. This is a sport. We're all here to play and make sure someone else is playing. Thats all there is to it. There's absolutetly no reason to be in a community or modify guns unless you are going to use them. What we have now are sites full of nothing more then trolls. Guys that post just to post. I don't get it. Why be on a Nerf board unless you nerf? Is it really difficult?

I think the biggest flaw in Janga's arguement here is his pure emotion. Crossbows are still kind of rare to the point where they are somewhat expensive. However, they are availible now, and I know from the point of view of a new nerfer, it's nice to have a really simple primary, that will never fail you, is easy to mod and can pretty much match anything anyone throws at you. The nice thing about the crossbow, is no matter how hard you push yourself in a round, it will always be there giving just a tad bit more effort. This is something you will never understand unless you carry it into battle. Getting it home and opening it up, you see that the design is perfect except for a few re-enforcements that need to be made. Those are simple mods and you're left with just about the best and clearly the most reliable gun you can have. Unless you nerf regularly, you won't see that. So don't post any comments to this unless you've been carrying a crossbow for over a year. Janga, just a note, I have, and have used other guns in between, I always come back the bow, and for good reason. It's the M1 of Nerf.

In conclusion, would you all please play? Just a little. Without playing you will lose interest and excitement that you once had. Without getting out and playing you won't know what it's truely like to love nerf. Unless you play, you can't call yourself a nerfer. Simple as that. You can play unmodded and still be a nerfer, but you can just mod and get away with it. I now understand Nike's slogan....

Just do it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Suave:

I just thought I'd say this, but I think the NF is slightly above the LnL, if only because of reliability. I've never had my NF go off in my pocket\holster, but my LnL has countless times. The catch on the LnL just isn't up to much of anything. The NF catch is much stronger.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Talio said...

I think that's probably your LnL though. Just about everyone in NJ owns one and I've never heard of that happening unless you hit the trigger. I think the other part I like is that for firing mega's, no barrel replacement is nessecary. It's a good gun.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Langley said...

I think the main difference between the Crossbow and the MaxxShot is ease of reinforcement. While Janga is correct about fixing max shots, if you correctly mod a crossbow, it ain't gonna break in the first place.
Max shot's are likely to break on the case in two places: right where the case seems split between the front and the back, and where the blue guide is held in place toward the front of where the lever is mounted. There isn't a whole lot you can do about it untill it's already broke.
The catch can break right at the junction of the 'L' shape very easily, and that isn't easily fixable or preventable due to the shape of the catch.
The Plunger tube can easily crack in the front because of the over powered spring.
The cocking lever can easily break along the track where the wheels meet it, weather you've got the safety disabled or not. This is practically impossible to fix or prevent, and the only work-around involves making the gun much more awkward and difficult to cock.
Everything that can go wrong on a crossbow is easily prevented with some machine screws and a couple of steel rods due to the simple shape of the gun and the location of the points of stress. In almost all cases, the mechanism by which the gun is reinforced is the same as the way in which it can be fixed. Finally, the Crossbow is just easier to improve, weather you're strapping on bungiees, integrating it with something, or even just painting the thing. I'm not a big fan of integrations, but have you ever seen anyone try and stick two 1500 internals in a Maxx Shot?

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"remember they're not in stores anymore and the gun will be broken pretty bad"

We here in Northern country have access to Maxshots ($10 at Meijer). I think that on a gun-vs-gun comparison the crossbow definetely owns the maxshot, but for newbs its not quite as feasible to have a crossbow. I personally hate maxshots (hard to aim, no aesthetic appeal, bad ergonomics and not fun to mod) and probably will never use one in a war. This doesn't detract or add to your statements, but I think you should point out to people that you already own the guns and are comparing them against each other, not taking into consideration availability.

-Uriel (probably wasn't too hard to guess)

12:06 PM  
Blogger Talio said...

Well obviously when I start talking about availibilty the Crossbow is remarkably harder to get hold of right now, but not so much. Unfortunetely, the best noob gun there is, is the crossbow, but it's the hardest to get. Maxshots are rough to take care of, and I entirely agree with everything you said. It was a good idea, but the design was just wierd. It's one of those things that we just have to put up with. The companies aren't marketing to us so we have to take what we get. As much as I'd really like a company that would do this, it's perfectly understandable why they don't.

Maybe someday, someone in our group will become an engineer and airsmith. Perhaps then they're remember out struggles and put something together that's simple, efficient and versitile.


6:27 PM  
Blogger Daniel Glenn said...


Keep up the good work over at the Haven, and I'll keep wearing my NH jersey and explaining to n00bs where I've come from. I got a 1 year suspension for right now, but don't worry I'll be back. I should focus on this whole "getting my teaching license and getting married this year" thing anyhow.

You rock hard, keep it up man. -Jang

1:19 PM  

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